Right Now Challenge | Week 33

20th August 2014



A couple weeks behind on the right now challenge so this week I am posting week 33 from last week and I will post week 34 on Friday as normal. Been pretty busy lately. My 5 year old Tucker has started his Kindergarten Kickoff and it is going well but my kids used to sleep in so mama having to get up at 6:00 a.m. is taking some getting used to!

  • Tucker has been riding the bus to and from his Kindergarten Kickoff. He loves it! Mom not so much but I am getting used to it slowly.
  • Abby Moon is talking away and learning new words everyday. She is in the copy mode you say it she says it you do it she does it.
  • Over the last couple of weeks I opened up my new Etsy shop and I have added a few designs if you want to take a look click here!

That’s all for this week hope you all have a great rest of the week and don’t forget what’s life without a mess!


Right Now Challenge | Week 31

1st August 2014


TGIF am I right! Hope the day is going good for all of you! So far my day has been a kids gone wild kind of day! I must say that working from home is very difficult and challenging sometimes! So this week for the right now challenge here are the details I have noted.

  • Abby Moon ( she will be 2 on Halloween, yep Halloween baby) she has started walking around with a brush and brushing her hair. Oh man it starts so young!
  • Tucker has started his Kindergarten Kickoff this week. He is having so much fun and  is so excited to be going to school. Mom on the other hand a little nervous with him riding the bus but he did really well!
  • Cooper he will be 3 in 2 weeks he is so excited about his b-day coming up! He is also excited about starting school in the Fall walks around with a back pack on and tells me bye mom I am going to school! Too cute!

Well that’s its for this week hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget what’s life without a mess!

♥ Kylee

Tried it Tuesday

29th July 2014

Welcome to Tried it Tuesday! Every Tuesday I am going to post a craft or DIY project that I find interesting or fun on the internet and I am going to complete the craft and post it for all you to see and enjoy and even try yourself. This weeks first project was a combination of 2 different types of crafts. Tape painting and one color collage art. One color collage art is where you choose only one color and make a collage using just that color and tape painting (if that is even what it is called) is where you create unique lines with tape and paint. Below is a list of the items I used to complete this project.

  • orange paint
  • orange washi tape lattice
  • orange washi tape thin
  • mod podge sponge painting stick
  • 1 8 x 10 canvas
  • 1 tiny post it note for the shape

Here are photos of my project. I really like how it turned out if any of you try this project please share I would love to see your creations!

♥ Kylee


Right Now Challenge | Week 30

25th July 2014


Happy Friday to all! I am excited to be joining in on the Right Now Challenge started over at One-Happy-Mama! I am a little late I am joining in on week 30 of this challenge but I just found out about it so better late than never right! If you are interested in this challenge and would like to learn more about it here is the link Right Now Challenge. I think it is amazing if you really take the time out of each day to just jot down the little things in life how quickly you realize all of the small details that get missed each day. I look forward to sharing all of my right now moments with you.

So my first week of the Right Now Challenge these are the tiny details I have noted:

~ Mom: your shirt is awesome! Tucker: My shirt is cool! After arguing back and fourth for a few we came up with a new word awesool! we combined awesome and cool!

~ Abby is talking up a storm just can’t understand most of it. She is now able to say one of her brother’s name hasn’t quite got the other one down yet.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget what’s life without a mess!